Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ok here is the challenge.

I am going to post by month, what holiday takes place in said month and the person may then choose what book they would like to read. And believe me, it is easy. For example, the month of Emmet Kelly's birthday (he is a clown) a person may choose to read about clowns, a circus, etc, Like Water for Elephants. (This is just a little hint about Emmet Kelly, he was born and is buried in Peru, Ind. My brother lives in this town and I have seen his grave. My nephew is buried there also. Anyway, there is a book titled A circus in Winter that takes place in the town of Peru. How neat is that?) Like I said one can really have fun with this one and find all kinds of books.

Yes, the books may be crossed challenged.

Please list the books you read and where your reading wishes take you.

Here are the sites that I used to get just some of my ideas. I tried to get a cross section of birthdays, author, artists, famous people, but of course could not. If you want to add more, please go ahead.

Here are the two web sites that I got the following information from:

Feel free to add anything you find interesting or another holiday or birthday that you are aware of.

The challenge is one book per month, but it does not have to be in any order.